About Us

At Upfront Lingerie we aim to offer you a personalised service, in a comfortable, vibrant environment. Our team are all empathetic and knowledgeable trained bra and breast prosthesis fitters. Our passion for lingerie comes from our own experience, where we struggled to find bras that fit well, were comfortable and that were appealing. Between our team, we have qualifications and experience in Bra and Breast Prosthesis Fitting, OHS Auditing, Business Management, Paramedicine, Training and Assessing, and Communication. This experience and qualifications motivated us to open Upfront Lingerie. It also equips us to acknowledge and understand your needs. We aim to assist you where we can and provide options for you in a professional and confidential manner.

Our bodies undergo many changes throughout our lives from weight gain or loss, childbirth, hormonal changes, environmental effects, health, and many other reasons. At Upfront Lingerie a well-fitting bra is paramount as the effects of a poor fitting bra can be detrimental to the wearer's health. It is known that a poor fitting bra can result in rotator cuff syndrome, interfere with lymph node draining and cause postural problems resulting in neck, shoulder and back pain.

What does a well-fitting bra do? A well-fitting bra can improve self-esteem, give the appearance of being up to 5kg lighter, and dramatically improve posture. For these reasons, it is important that your lingerie is fitting correctly and you are comfortable wearing them.

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